June Favourites!

What a fast month that was… I bet I’ll be starting every monthly favourites post that way since it never ceases to blow my mind how fast time goes. Don’t waste it!

But enough about enjoying life, onto the very important, deep matters of what beauty products I adored this month. 😉 Continue reading

Salad and Cankles

Sometimes I’m starved and I know I should have something half nutritious, or I feel like I need a boost, and grab a salad. I have to be in the mood for one. That’s why I like my shakes- I don’t care to eat a salad, but sometimes I will try to put in an effort. I made the most delish one for lunch the other day and wanted to share!  Continue reading

Leibster Award!

wpid-1431784348813Thank you very much to the awesome nicole2mommy for nominating me for the Leibster Award! If you haven’t already subscribed to her blog definitely check it out and follow here!

I was also nominated by the lovely beautybypatricialugo and you can check out her blog here as well!

This marks my fourth and fifth nominations for this award. However; for any future Leibster Award nominations although I will be SOOOO appreciative and thankful I am actually excited to say I no longer will qualify! I have officially hit 200+ WordPress followers! 🙂 Thank you and love to all of you!! xoxoxo 

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